Trevor Remde Molloy

As a way to remember our sweet boy – we are coming up with lots of ways to give back. If you are looking for opportunities to do some good in the world…

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Trevor, in Jesus' Arms

Trevor’s Story

Our Dear Son Trevor Remde Molloy was born on June 12, 2019 with Trisomy-18. 

We were able to spend 112 beautiful days with him. Watch the video.

Many showed us love and support during Trevor’s Life, and when we lost him. We are touched and grateful…

We expected a healthy baby – because was so active. We got tickets to the symphony, and when they started playing Rachmaninoff No. 2, Trevor wiggled the entire time.

So, when my water broke early and we found ourselves in the hospital for an emergency C-section, we were surprised…

It was even more surprising when his doctor came in and said, “do you want to take him off life support? Because he appears to have the Rare and Typically Fatal Condition called – Trisomy 18!”

We were completely stunned with his list of challenges – yet we both wanted to, “Give Him Whatever Chance He’s Got!”

When we could see him, Trevor immediately responded to Cory’s voice with a cry of recognition, and his determination to live won our hearts.

Nothing could have prepared us for the roller coaster of emotions, the uncertainty, and the challenges we faced as the parents of a special need’s child.

Yet, we were so grateful for the time we could spend with Trevor.

Our Sweet Son Trevor
Trevor Reading

Being with him was the

best part of my day.

How grateful I am that we waited to see him.

He was so much more than his diagnosis.

Doctors can never know what a person’s full potential is…

An unplanned pregnancy or a critical diagnosis can be so stressful – especially if you don’t have insurance.

We are so thankful for the insurance that covered many of the expensive procedures, and the month we stayed in the NICU.

And for my amazing friends and co-workers who raised the funds to cover our high deductible!

My friends in Salt Lake City, would also be willing to help YOU –

if you ever find yourself dealing with an unplanned pregnancy and have nowhere to go:

Look up the Pregnancy Resource Center of Salt Lake.

Because We Are So Touched by Your Kindness – We Plan to Give More!  

Ronald McDonald House Salt Lake City
Trevor Remde Molloy

When YOU gave to us, you expected nothing. 

This still brings tears to our eyes and hope and healing to our hearts.

Some of the most helpful things during this time were:

1. Having a place to stay closer to Trevor at the Ronald McDonald House.

2. Having regular meals provided at Primary Children’s Hospital by volunteers at the Ronald McDonald Center.

3. The Amazing Insight Shared by the Institute for the Achievement of Human Potential.

They Gave Us Many Resources to Help Trevor Learn to Walk.

They Show Parents how to help Disabled Children Reach Their Full Potential.

If You Have an Idea – Or Have a Friend in Need…

Trevor was named after the Celtic Treveri Tribe and Germany’s Oldest City – Trier.

(Where Cory Grew Up)

Trevor's Favorite - Bath Time!

Trevor’s Favorite Time –

Bathtime with Daddy!

Trevor's Bright Eyes
Trevor Photo by Mindy

With Only a 10% Chance to Live –

Trevor Came Home With Us After 28 Days in the NICU!

Our Tribute to Trevor

Weighing only 3 lbs. 7 oz. – Trevor was adorable! We loved having him with us. 

He was so sweet.  In our loving care he was growing and doing even better.  

The Doctors Liked to Say – “Trevor will show us what he is capable of!”

And he did…

He would wiggle like he was going to be quit the crawler.

He could suck on his pacifier.

He loved his books – he’d track the pages with his eyes.

Mostly – he loved bath time and to just look at you. 

If you talked to him, even when he could barely keep his sleepy eyes open – he would watch your face and “listen” to the words he could not hear (he was deaf).

His sweetness and intelligence were obvious.

He seemed like he was going to make it.

Then one day he spit up, and we could not save him!

His little epiglottis was under-formed so he went quickly!

In Memory of Trevor Remde Molloy

June 12th, 2019 – September 25th, 2019.

If you would like to join us as we give back…

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