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I’m reviewing “Miracles on Demand” by Charles Tebbetts – Who Further Developed the Idea of Parts Therapy and Client-Centered Hypnotherapy.

This is an Example of What Happens When I Organize My Notes.Charles Tebbets - Book on Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Says Your Brain is Like a Computer!

 Good therapy is a result of understanding the computer-like nature of the human mind.

Yet, it’s interesting how often we get upset at people – when they are just doing what they are programmed to do. It’s like getting mad at an ant crawling along – because it doesn’t go the direction you want.

As children, we grow up programmed by the beliefs of others. Yet, as time passes we may learn how to become a complete adult:  Physically, spiritually, sexually and emotionally.Neuro-Linguistic Programming Says We Model Adults

Charles says our inherited physical characteristics and the order of our life experiences – create our belief system. Yet occasionally the order of our life experiences get in the way of our happiness and personal growth.

A sexual pervert clings to his childish sexual preferences, in the same way a grown man might sit down on a sidewalk and play with the childish toy truck back and forth giggling in glee.

The man who develops physically, and still remains a child in his sexual behavior is viewed with disgust. He lives in constant danger of physical abuse, incarceration, loss of employment, and complete disgrace.

Even Though Your Behaviors May Not Be Your Fault, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Gives You the Tools – To Change!

Those who have been programmed to place blame and guilt, have difficulty accepting a more useful and productive belief system. Their emotional desire to even the score and level the field demands punishment.

This belief is what supports our ever-growing crime rate, expanding laws, and criminal justice system. While a rabid dog may not deserve punishment – we are absolutely going to stop him from running loose in the streets.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)

Yet, if the way we think and choose is a result of our inherited physical characteristics and the order of our experiences.

It naturally follows if you were born in the body of someone you disapprove of and have gone through the same experiences he has, in exactly the same order, you might think and choose in exactly the same way he does.

Psychology is supposed to be the study of human behavior, yet I wasn’t taught this basic truth in any of my college classes.

Two things eventually result from unexpressed/repressed emotion:

1. Psychosis, where the unexpressed feelings dissolve the health of your mind (sense of self).

2. Disease, where the unexpressed feelings dissolve the health of your body.

There is no actual dividing line between the mentally maladjusted and the completely insane: the symptoms only differ in their intensity. In one case, a man believes he is above criticism. In the more extreme case, he believes he is the ruler of the world.

An otherwise-normal girl may think she is ruined forever, over a broken love affair – or another emotional experience – while her counterpart in the mental hospital believes her enemies are trying to poison her.

In the classroom, Charles liked to show his students videos of Milton Erickson and Fritz Perls. He said:

1. Suggestions may be given by metaphor, guided imagery or simile.

2. Gestalt therapy is the organized whole of the individual in his environment.

3. What is expected tends to be realized.

4. The body mirrors the mind.

5. We learn in two ways: Imitation or Trial and Error.

6. Adult discontent stems from childhood.

7. The subconscious needs to know versus having it hinted at.

8. Labels influence our conduct – until we learn it is garbage.

9. Personality disorders stem from unfulfilled needs.

10. How does one, knowing only cold come to understand warmth?

11. People love to look at beauty – so please them by looking nice.

12. You weren’t born to go along with anybody else’s belief system.

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