Words are magical…

Because – the words you speak will create your life.

The study of how language shapes our understanding of color is a fascinating example of how words make a difference.

Some cultures have different color categories – than native English speakers.

Yet if they don’t have a specific word for a color, their brain may not notice it at all!

I was reminded of this when I received an email from a fellow NLP expert, Karl Moore at Inspire 3.

“Hey Joni–

It seems odd to think about it…

But there was a time not that long ago where human beings couldn’t actually see the color blue.

I know. It sounds bizarre.”

The Egyptians were the first society that seem to have a word for the color blue.  No society before them mentions the word blue in any of their writings. The Egyptians were also the first to use blue in their paintings. To create the hue, they used limestone and sand with a copper containing mineral such as azurite or malachite.

I recently listened to a linguist give a Ted Talk on this…

Mentioning how Russians have two separate names for “light blue” and “dark blue…

Because the Russians had different, distinctive names for these colors, they “See” the different shades of blue even more distinctly than we do.

Isn’t this Fascinating!

Color Study of the Himba Tribe

(Photo Credit:  Alamy)

Karl’s email went on to explain…

“In 2006, London psychologist Jules Davidoff presented the Himba tribe in Namibia with a curious experiment.”

Since the tribe has no word for blue, there is no real distinction between the blue and green colors.

Without a distinctive word for blue, the Himba tribe members had a hard time identifying blue as being different from the greens. 

Yet, because the Himba tribe has more words for green than English speakers, they could more easily spot the different shades of green.

For example: Can you see a difference in these squares?

How Language Shapes Us

(Photo Credit:  Business Insider)

(Cory proved his talent with color by instantly noticing a difference in one of the squares!)

Can You See This Color?

You may be wondering, which green is different? (They looked the same to me)

If you look closer, you can see how one square is slightly more yellow.

(Keep reading for the answer!)

Words Tell Our Brain Where to Focus

This is what “Neuro-Linguistic Programming” is all about…

It’s the study of how your brain (the Neuro) is programmed by words (the Linguistic) to accomplish your daily activities.

And scientists, like Jules Davidoff, have been exploring how our culture and our words to describe things may determine our thinking.

His studies seem to show –

That our memory and our understanding can be limited by our language!

Another example from history is how ancient cultures didn’t seem to create complex math or engineering feats until they adopted the Arabic Numeral system.

Because other numerical systems didn’t have a way to represent zero…

We simply have a harder time imagining a concept when we don’t have a word for it.

If culture and language can shape your thoughts – does it also shape your actions?

If you are like me, you may notice some cultural programming may be holding you back from the better life you want!

Once you realize this – you can start to:

Change Your Words and Change Your Life!

This is what NLP is all about

It’s the study of how word patterns can change us.

And learning about it can make an enormous difference in your life.

That’s if you practice and apply this wonderful information.

Because your choice of words – can impact your ability to communicate effectively with others around you!

To communicate better – you need to understand 3 things:

1. Every individual has specific words they prefer…

2. Some cultures prefer certain words and phrases over others…

3. Some word choices seem to be universal!

If you’d like to see how this works for you – try this!

Next time you’d like to be more persuasive…

Listen carefully to the word choices of the person you would like to persuade.

Then remember the words they prefer – and use them often in your conversations with them.

Notice their body language, and their vocal tone… do they seem more connected to you when you use their favorite word choices?

Change Your Words - Change Your Life!Magical Words, Questions, and Phrases

When we write ads for you – we sprinkle your message with magical words, questions, and phrases.

These words are universally (for native English Speakers) recognized as positive – so your audience will have an immediate positive association with you!

Then we add powerful questions – specifically designed to get a “YES!” 70 – 90% of the time!  This is possible because powerful questions appeal to our basic human desires.

For example, No one ever would say, “I don’t want to be loved…”

Because the need to be loved and give love is universal.

To create excellent messaging, your questions must explain VERY CLEARLY to your audience – how you are going to benefit them (with your product or service)!

And just like music does, when we say it in rhythmic phrases, we speak to their mind in a deeper way…

This is how subliminal messaging and conversational hypnosis works –

They create positive associations and cause your audience to experience a trance-like positive experience…

It invites them into their most creative and imaginative space.

And YOU are more likely to say, “YES!” when you are in an imaginative state!

Amazing, isn’t it?

Remember – What You Think About – You Bring About!

Our brains focus on what we tell it to focus on.

Just like the words you choose can be powerful tools – to create the life you want!

That’s Why You’ll Be Able to Communicate More Effectively – When You Learn More Positive Words, Questions and Phrases

This is the reason we created the UPLEVEL Masterclass.

Because your happiness is linked to your relationships…

And your relationships will win or lose depending on your ability to communicate effectively.

Did You See This Color?

Green Squares Answer

(Photo Credit:  Business Insider)

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