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Joni’s Story

I was always a philosopher.

Even as a small child, I was a deep thinker.

I would sit for hours and listen to the adults – often late into the night.

My parents would finally notice me and say, “Joni! What are you doing here?”

And then I’d read and read.

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Because Knowledge Is the Foundation of Leadership

I was so creative and curious and wanted to understand the challenges of the world.

So, I received an Art Scholarship at our local college, and then went to Utah to study history and philosophy.

Politics and history fascinate me. To see what motivates people, and how simple things can change the world.

On graduation – I had no idea what my next step would be…

Then I found work as an underpaid receptionist.

I did well and got bonuses and promotions in the first year!

I then became the office manager and wrote manuals for their other locations.

My next job was a Wilderness Therapy Program for Troubled Youth.

I learned survival skills to work with angry, abused, and hurt children. It healed my heart and taught me valuable communication and problem-solving skills.

Yet politics is mostly run by volunteers and getting a paid position is competitive.

So, I took a customer service/sales job to pay my bills. 

At first, I thought salesmen were sleazy people. Then the more skilled I became, the more I realized – the gift of persuasion is perhaps the most important skill you can have!

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Because Persuasion is the #1 Skill of Leadership!  

Joni Molloy's Passion for Freedom!

I soon moved from political volunteer, to part-time underpaid, then to a full-time position with a promotion.

My resume seemed filled with random twists and turns…

Yet, I was able to succeed – Because I could communicate and lead at a high level.

I could persuade others to action.

It was my #1 skill.

And this is how I met Cory. 

The Stars Aligned for Us…

On August 21, 2017, there was a spectacular solar eclipse.

We went to Idaho with thousands of others to see this once in a lifetime event.

A bunch of my friends met up after at Lava Hot Springs to camp and avoid the traffic.

He was there too…

I noticed him watching me as I walked in.

And Cory is so friendly, he made himself at home and introduced himself.

As others joined our group, he introduced himself as “my boyfriend!” 

I laughed and told everyone we just met.

I invited him (with several other boys I was flirting with) to a political class I was teaching.  The class was every Tuesday for six weeks – 

Joni Molloy Grew Up in a Small Town in AZ

He was the only boy who stayed for all of it. 

That’s when I knew he was 100% supportive of my goals and dreams.

Photo by Cory Molloy
Salt Lake City Utah

While we were dating, he said his unique super- power in advertising was…

Win Bigly, by Scott Adams

“Subliminal Messaging and Conversational Hypnosis”

I had no idea what he meant…

I pictured a hypnotist on stage doing a magic trick to get people to do whatever he said.

Then I read, “Win Bigly,” by the Dilbert Cartoonist, Scott Adams.  Before the election, Scott Adams published an article saying Trump had a 98% chance of winning the presidency in 2016 – when no one else thought he could. He was right!

Scott Adams is also a hypnotist…

He explained to me how our brains work – and how conversational hypnosis is a powerful persuasion tool.

To win – by using word patterns, positive associations, and strong visual messages.

I asked Cory, “Is this what YOU do?” And he laughed and said, “Yes!”

I paid him $5,000 to teach me… and I saw immediate results!

I have been learning and improving ever since…

The More I was able to Learn the Patterns, The More I was Able to Persuade others at a Top-Level.

With just one New Word Pattern, I doubled my next class attendance!

Cory gave me new purpose.

I now support him in his Mission – To Teach Others How to Present Well.

Because almost everyone we know is getting less in life then they should…

Because they haven’t yet seen examples of how the best would say it.

All they know is what they have learned from their family, friends and work associates.

How would your life be different if you were way more persuasive?

Would your family life improve?

Would your children listen to you?

Would you be able to persuade more people to buy your product?

Would You be able to Serve Your Customers Better?

If your Answer is YES! Think about coming to our next UPLEVEL class.

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Change your words – Change your life

Joni Molloy

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