While it may be trendy to blame your boss or the economy for low wages… If you apply these 3 negotiation skills, getting a raise may be easier than you think.

On social media, someone recently asked, “Should I leave my job?  I’m a hard worker, I’ve been there a year, yet all my co-workers are being promoted, and I’m not.”

Maybe you’ve had a similar experience – where you work hard and feel underappreciated for what you do.

Even if you own a business – others might not realize how your service can make a difference for them.

This is where your skills can make a big difference.

Learn beforehand what to say and:

Successful people learn how to negotiate well.

I was very shy growing up, and even as an adult there are times when it’s uncomfortable for me to bring attention to myself.

Yet, when you have something valuable to give to the world, you must speak up.

Or those who need what you offer won’t find you and you won’t have the satisfaction of helping them.

Like the man who posted about leaving his job, because he felt underappreciated – I also believed if I just worked hard, I’d get the raise.

Yet, I was wrong… and soon found out that I needed to negotiate for what I wanted, or it would never happen.

While I started to see how important negotiating is by watching others, I found the best examples of effective communication online.

Negotiation Secret #1 Ask “What Can I Do – To Better Serve the Company?”

Effective Communication: Negotiation Skills

At his company, they changed managers. When he found out who the new manager was – he was SHOCKED! He had the WORST reputation and hardly ever promoted anyone!

Yet he wanted a raise, and this new guy was the person to talk to about it. So, he set up a meeting and the new manager – gave him the best career advice ever!

Because he had the courage to ask.

You can read it here:

Are there skills you still need – to get a promotion?

Ask your manager – how you can better serve the company.

Effective Communication: What JFK Would Have Said...

If you want a new position – SHOW Your Manager, you are willing to do all the tasks associated with the new position.

The thing to remember is this –

Most people are doing the best they can.

If it seems like they aren’t noticing your efforts – let them know about your work goals, including your desire for a raise.

Let them know – you are willing to do what it takes.  And ask them what they expect from you.

Negotiation Secret #2 – Keep a Detailed List of Your Accomplishments

You may be too hard on yourself…

Especially when it seems like others aren’t taking notice of your efforts.

So, you must do it for yourself.

Take notice of your accomplishments. Take detailed notice… The more specific, the better. Keep track of your progress.

Even if your company already has metrics set – set your own metrics for how you measure your career growth goals.

If it’s time to ask for a raise, it’s a lot more impressive to come prepared with a list of ways you’ve met and exceeded company goals, to the meeting.

“I met every goal we set and was selected as ‘employee of the month’ twice this year – is this what you’d like to see if you were to give me a raise?”

This will position you in a positive way, instead of simply asking for more money.

It’s not always easy to toot your own horn.  Like other skills, it may take practice.  Having a list of your accomplishments on hand is a great way – to boost your confidence!

And if you ever find yourself in a situation where the company culture isn’t healthy, it will give you the courage to go find other options.

Because you will see your worth, right there on paper.

Negotiation Secret #3 – Show Your Boss How Valuable You Are to Them…

Recruiters say, the #1 tactic – to get the salary you want, is to get a competing offer.

Yes! We get in life – exactly what we tolerate. (Let this principle guide you)!

Sometimes you must act and show your boss you won’t put up with the low pay any longer.

Look for opportunities around you.  Build up your Resume.

Once you have a competing offer, if your boss knows your worth, they will counteroffer.

I worked for a great company – yet it was also a big, nationwide company, and the process of getting a raise wasn’t very clear.

Both of my co-workers did this…

Because they were not feeling appreciated.

Because they were not getting a raise.

They applied for other jobs and got offers.

So, when they came in with a resignation letter in hand, and the opportunity to get paid more – they were given the counteroffer of much better pay to stay.

They both stayed because they like the company and the work they do there.

At the same time, I hit the pay ceiling in my current role and applied for jobs internally.

Yet I did not have the same success they did.

Except once when I asked HR about transferring to another team.  Right after that conversation – I received a $4,000 Christmas bonus!

Why?  Because my manager saw my worth – and wanted me to know I was appreciated.

Even though it would be ideal for your manager to give you all the information you need to get a raise and grow in the company you work for, some haven’t figured this out yet…

If they are doing the best they can, and you aren’t getting the results you like, this can be a great way to give them notice – they aren’t paying you what you’re worth.  We all make comparisons every day… sometimes we aren’t comparing the right things.  When you get an offer, you are showing your boss how his pay compares to other companies who need what you do.

Yet there will always be companies who are slow learners –

Unbelievable Facts: Henry Ford's Wage Problem

As this example shows!

Because it always costs more to rehire, and rehire…

Most companies would rather keep you than find someone to replace you.

So, remember successful negotiation is helpful to everyone!

When You Apply These Negotiation Secrets – You Will Find More Success in Life

I know you can become more successful by doing these 3 things – because I’ve watched others negotiate their way to success with these very skills:

  1. Talk to your manager about your career goals. Find out what they expect from you.
  2. Keep a detailed list of your accomplishments.
  3. And if you’re still not getting noticed – find other opportunities, and get another offer – to show your boss, you are worth the extra pay. (Or just find another company who will pay you what you are worth!)

As your ability to communicate your worth improves, you will find a greater sense of happiness.

Because we all want to feel valued, right?

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