Present Yourself As A Leader

A lot of the People You Meet Today Will Probably Categorize You in 150 Milliseconds.

Some of them will make lasting judgments about your character after only 30 minutes with you!

It’s not because they are judgemental people…

It’s because this is how our brains work!

The human brain will process about 4,000 bits of information every minute, and most of it is going on without our conscious awareness.

So, a great first impression may be much more important than you realize.

The more we learn about our brains, the more we see how our brains are designed to categorize, simplify and organize – faster than we ever thought!

Because our brains are bombarded with so much information…

You’ve got to stand out – if you want to be memorable in your business and social circles.

Our brains are amazing!

Have you ever met someone who rubbed you the wrong way?  Stop and listen to your intuition!  Your sensory awareness picks up on every small incongruency before you are consciously aware of it…Leaders Skillfully Present Themselves!

Everywhere we go, each of us is constantly broadcasting who we are to the world around us!

In the business world, many people believe if they just work hard, they will do well.

This is only true… if you have already made a good first impression.

Did you know the taller candidate tends to win?

And better-looking people get paid more?

Leaders Have Effective Communication SkillsWe aren’t even aware our brains are doing this.

We tell ourselves the better-looking candidate was more qualified.

We tell ourselves the tallest person has better leadership skills.

We aren’t even aware of our subconscious bias – because we give more credit to our visual sense than any of our other senses.

And we associate well-groomed people with “capable.”

And we associate tallness with “leadership.”

Many theories about how this came to be, yet this is just how our brains are designed.

And isn’t it interesting how some want to call it “cultural programming,” as if they could change your brain’s processing system?

When you understand how your brain works – YOU can easily choose to present yourself at a Top-Level!

Most of us grow up learning how to communicate from our family, friends, and teachers.

What if they – only communicate at a level four out of ten? Or perhaps a six out of ten?

Then it might be life-changing for you to see examples of level 9/10 or 10/10 communication!

We’ve made it our mission to find examples of how the best would say it.

Because we all do better with Great Examples.Leadership Presentation Skills

You can learn to present yourself well.

You can learn to position yourself so you appear taller.

You can stand in front of the Podium, so you appear taller.

You can learn to groom yourself to look like someone who is more capable of leadership.

There are many ways to look like a leader – beyond your clothes and your hair.  How you stand and how you sit, and even how you sound!

And if you’re like me – I am 5′ 2″ and I can’t change my height…

Yet, I can still present myself as The Expert.

Because while teaching and working in politics I learned how to speak with the authoritative, confident tone of a leader.

If you were born with a disadvantage, you may have other skills/abilities to create a winning Talent Stack!

(A Talent Stack is a term created by Scott Adams.  It’s the idea that your whole package of skills and weaknesses matters more than any individual part).

And if you can’t imagine yourself being a leader yet, or don’t know how to get started… One of my favorite tips comes from Vanessa Van Edwards at the Science of People Find a Leadership Role Model.

Yes!  Choose someone in your life who you view as a confident leader and watch what they do.  I am sure they may be thrilled and honored if they knew you chose them as a role model. Like me, you’ll probably discover, even those who appear very confident, have some weaknesses they also are working to improve.

Once you learn the skills to position yourself and present yourself – YOU can achieve more than you imagine…

Effective Communication - YOU Can Achieve!

When you Start to Show Up at a Top-Level, You’ll Start to Get Top-Level Results!

In business…

In Personal Relationships…

In Life…

We are Moving the UPLEVEL Masterclass Online to give you lots of examples of how the Best Frame, Position & Message in a More Positive, Present and Personal Way!

Because once you present yourself as a leader – who deserves to get paid well – it can change your life!

Stay tuned for more helpful tips from Our Team at Effective Advertising.



Joni Molloy

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