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Cory’s Story

Because I was a troubled youth, I want to teach you how to communicate better.

Because most of life’s problems are caused by poor communication habits – and most of life’s problems can be solved by effective communication.

Better communication skills can increase your income, improve your sales, and grow your business.

And maybe even save your relationships.

My skills came because of the challenges I had in my family relationships. 

Yet, I’m here today because of their examples.

BernKastel Germany - Where I Grew Up

I learned to Be Direct from my Parents. My Mother is German, and My Dad is From New York.

My German Grandpa Kurt Karl Remde was a talented musician and railroad conductor. After the Russians captured Berlin in WWII, they sent Germans to work camps in Siberia. He didn’t make it. He lost too much weight and died soon after his release.

I’m also here today because my Grandmother Margaret Müller pulled her two daughters 300 miles in a handcart to escape Nazi Germany. She was a nurse yet had to dig in the fields along the way for food. In Jena, kind church volunteers gave her food, clothing, and supplies. She joined their church in America. 

Kurt Karl Remde - Cory's Grandpa
Margaret Remde In Nurse Uniform

My Mother Angelica Rosemarie Remde Immigrated to the United States when she was six. She attended Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah and then worked for the State Department in Washington DC.

She was with a church group in Palmyra, New York when she got up to sing and impressed my Dad.

My Father Gerald Edward Molloy grew up in Hempstead, NY. He also attended BYU to receive his officer commission in the Air Force.

 After they married, he began his 30-year career in Military Intelligence with the Strategic Air Command in West Germany.

I was the second of their eight children.

Hahn AFB 50th Tactical Fighter Wing Support
State Department Crest

We lived in the beautiful medieval town of Bernkastel, Germany on the Moselle River.

When my Dad traveled Europe, he often brought me along. I was full of energy and curiosity so I got to see lots of places. I loved to read, draw, and join in the adult conversations. At six I was already reading college-level books.

Castles In Europe

Traveling in Europe Sparked my Imagination and Creativity…

Castles in Germany
Castles In Europe

I always knew I wanted to Write Ads!

Cory Molloy Family
Cory Molloy Family

My ability to read people at a high level came because I was a troubled youth…  

At ten we moved to America. It was challenging for me – and I disconnected from everyone.  

Even though I was young, I ran away in Salt Lake City. I slept in alleys, parks, garages, and cardboard boxes with other street kids, or in foster homes, and detention.

When a gang member in detention came at me, I said, “why fight me? I can do 200 pushups!”

He didn’t believe me – so I just started doing pushups. After 200, I jumped right up and said, “do you still have a problem with me?” “No!” I walked away and spent the next two hours training and punching my mattress like Rocky.

At 14, things began to change for me. That’s when I got a gym membership.

On Monday, Wednesday and Friday – I’d skateboard 3.4 miles to the Sugarhouse gym.

On Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday – I’d skateboard 5.3 miles to the Cottonwood Mall gym.

I loved the challenge and became addicted to the positive feelings, and the positive people at the gym. I stayed later and later until my whole life was more about health and fitness than anything else.

I began training 5 hours a day, 6 days a week until I could lift every stack at the gym 12 to 40 times. Eventually, people would crowd around to watch me lift. Because I was 135 pounds and could Squat 405×8, Bench 385×6, Deadlift 495×4. My favorite exercise was leg extension – I’d get the 400-pound stack up 20 to 40 times. I could even recover in 20 seconds for another 10+ reps, several more times.

For extra spending money, I went to a nearby grocery store and asked the manager if he’d sell me frozen pizzas wholesale. I’d walk around the neighborhood knocking doors at dinner time and say – “Hi Ma’am. I’m making money for college. If you want something extra special for dinner tonight, I have several pizzas here ready to go.” I loved sales from the beginning.

Cory at Xcel - Creative Director At Effective Advertising

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When my friend, Art came up with the Original ProBar recipe – I got them into the first 100 stores with a 100% success rate! 

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Cory Molloy - Creative Director

Cory at the top of Emigration Canyon with his Favorite 2005 Lotoja Jersey.

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The Hypnotist

Cory Molloy at the Hogle Zoo

Then I was mentored by a Hypnotist.

He’d probably get you to do almost anything.

Because hypnotists know the absolute best secrets of persuasion…

He hypnotized a woman to believe she was stiff as a board – and then stood on her stomach.

Some were doing 20 more pushups than they had ever done in their life!

For $20,000 dollars he taught me his magic word patterns.

At first, I thought he was exaggerating the results I’d get.       

Yet, he opened my eyes to a whole new level of what’s possible.

 If you’d like to hear, YES! More often…

Begin Your Conversations with an Agreement Frame and then Practice –

Our Magical Words, Powerful Questions, and Rhythmic Phrases.

It was my plan to promote the hypnotist, yet he became addicted to his power, which soon led to other addictions.

This is why we invite you to focus on serving others –

Before we show you these powerful words, questions and phrases.

Then you’ll be able to Change the World for Good.

My deep understanding of subliminal messaging, conversational hypnosis, direct marketing, public relations, spin, propaganda and persuasion comes from – stacks of books, lots of experimenting, and decades working with top professionals in the field. That’s how I discover what’s possible…

While I can’t fix everything about your life – I can message at a top level and I can make a big difference for you (Guaranteed!).

Cory Molloy - Creative Director

Because – Many Business Owners Are Making These 2 Dangerous Mistakes

1. Whatever Your Business – Your Messaging is Responsible for 100% of Your Income. (Yet Some Won’t Invest in Top Messaging)

2. Other Business Owners Confuse Graphic Designers and Web Developers with Top Messaging Professionals. (They Don’t Have      the Same Skills)

So – What Are The 5 Hallmarks of EVERY Messaging Expert?

1. Top Salesmen (Clear Communicator)

2. Great Writers (Mastery with Persuasive Words)

3. Life Experience (Well-Traveled and Well-Read)

4. Great Listener (Asks Powerful Questions)

5. Excellent Researcher (Understands Your Audience)

You are absolutely in the right place – if you are looking to get top messaging for your business.

I look forward to chatting about your project!

Your Favorite Advertising Professional –

Cory Molloy

Creative Director
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