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How would your life become better if you chose the best words – to ask someone for something…

Would Your Boss Give You a Raise?

Would Your Children Listen Better?

Would You Already Have Your Ideal Customers?

With the results of over 40 Million experiments – We can show you how sprinkling your life with more magical words, questions, and phrases will give you Top 1% Results.

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In SALES you – WILL ALWAYS Make More $$$ MONEY $$$ – When You Present Well…

In ADVERTISING Great Messaging can EASILY Give You Returns that are 20x more – than commonly used words, and photos.

My Best Ad got 172 – New Clients (from 200 letters we sent).

86% Said, “YES!”

4 hours of my time – made him hundreds of thousands of $$$.

(Read the story – it was awesome.)  How’d I do it?  What did I say in the letter?

I made a carefully crafted offer with a special combination of magical words (100’s of them), with powerful questions (designed to get the YES 70-90% of the time) and rhythmic phrases (Proven Patterns of Success) that work every time.

I love what I do!  I got into this business to make a difference…

Even if your messaging is still an idea for you – send me a note.  Maybe I can be helpful?

Your Friend,

Cory Molloy – Creative Director at Effective Advertising

P.S. I grew up in a small German town on the Moselle River (near France and Luxembourg) and I’m a big fan of quality and top-level results! 

Cory Molloy Creative Director

Cory Molloy

Creative Director 

Cory Molloy is an Industry Leader at Combining the Memorable Language Patterns of NLP – with the MOST Positive, Present and Personal Words in Advertising.

He writes fresh, focused and custom pitches designed to

Get results in the top 1% of what’s possible.

If you’d like to attend his group or corporate trainings…

He now teaches an Advanced Masterclass for –

CEOs & Successful Business Owners on:

  • Magical Words.
  • Powerful Questions.
  • & Rhythmic Phrases.

It’s How to UPLEVEL Your

Words, Questions and Results

In Your Relationships and Business.

It’s the Absolute Best of the Best In Subliminal Messages, Conversational Hypnosis, Effective Advertising, PR, Spin, Propaganda and Persuasion.

Change Your Words – And Change Your Life!


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About Us

Cory Molloy - Creative Director

I learned to Be Direct from my Parents. My Mother is German, and My Dad is From New York.

Yet my ability to read people at a high level came because I was a troubled youth…  

Because I was a troubled youth, I want to teach you how to communicate better.

Joni Molloy President of Effective Advertising

Cory Showed Me How To win – by using word patterns, positive associations, and strong visual messages.

The More I was able to Learn the Patterns, The More I was Able to Persuade others at a Top-Level.

With just one New Word Pattern, I doubled my next class attendance!

Trevor Remde Molloy

Our Dear Son Trevor Remde Molloy was born on June 12th, 2019 with Trisomy-18. 

We were able to spend 112 beautiful days with him.

Many showed us love and support during Trevor’s Life, and when we lost him – and we want to give back!

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